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The Yoburn Lab

@ St. John's University, College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
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The Yoburn lab focuses on the mechanism of action of opioid drugs. Our work involves studies that target understanding opioid drug action; beginning with the interaction of opioids with specific opioid receptors, examination of metabolites contribution to pharmacodynamics and the role of efficacy in opioid drug effects. As with many other neurotransmitter systems, opioid receptors and signaling pathways have dynamic properties and can be actively regulated by exposure to agonists and antagonists. The potency of opioids can be affected by a number of elements in the cascade leading from the receptor to effect. Examining the role of drug efficacy on changes in agonist potency and the regulation of opioid receptor density and function are recurring themes in our efforts. We have been particularly interested in the contribution of dosing schedules and drug efficacy to regulation of receptors, intracellular messengers coupled to receptors, and, in particular, tolerance and dependence.  Studies have included mathematical modeling of opioid agonist efficacy. More recently, the lab has turned to the role of opioid metabolites in drug action; leading to new information on the widely used opioid analgesic hydrocodone. Throughout our studies, a systems molecular pharmacological approach is employed.





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Byron C. Yoburn, Ph.D 

Lab Director


College of Pharmacy & Health Professions

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

St. John’s University

8000 Utopia Parkway

Queens, NY 11439

 Email:Yoburnb at Stjohns dot edu

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